We have installed new smart power boxes


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All our pitches have been upgraded with new and modern power boxes with 16 amp. You pay for your own electricity consumption and manage the electricity easily at www.powerpay.no. We recommend that you register a new user on PowerPay´s website before arrival.  

How PowerPay works:

1. Log in to www.powerpay.no

2. Register your payment card

3. Insert the plug into the socket

4. Start: Scan the plug´s QR-code with the camera on your mobile phone

5. Confirm that you are activating the correct outlet

6. Enter the maximum amount and time limit

7. Start the session

8. You can change the maximum amount and the time limit during the current session

9. On departure, press finish and the payment will be charged


With the new power boxes, you get a better overview of your own consumtion, and can adjust your consumtion. We hope you will be satisfied with the upgrade!

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