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The Lillehammer region´s beautiful surroundings!


The city and its surrounding areas offer varied nature experiences. Here you can cycle, go skiing, and take the trip to the forest and in the mountains. The possibilities for activities in beautiful surroundings are many, and all this together makes the Lillehammer region completely unique. 


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The Lillehammer region offers several popular mountains

The mountains have ideal conditions for those who are interested in hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing in beautiful nature and nice surroundings.







Hiking tips



Balbergkampen (670 meters above sea level), is located north of the center of Lillehammer. 

This is a popular and great hiking, and at the top of the mountain you will experience a fantastic view of the city and the beautiful nature. 

This is a nice hiking if you want a short hiking in the mountain with a moderately challenging route of 3-4 km, and with several possible ascent. 

The hiking takes an average of 1 hour and 12 minutes to complete, and is suitable all year round. 





Lillehammer`s highest waterfall with a drop height of over 30 metres. The waterfall is located deep in a narrow valley, and it is a special experience to be there. 

Flokofallet is also called "the strange Flokofallet" because it cannot be seen from a long distance from any edge. You hear the roar of the waterfall long before you are there and suddenly it appears. 

Hundestry and metre-high ferns grow in the valley floor, and the valley is therefore protected. As the area is a nature reserve, it is not allowed to bring plants or other things from the valley around Flokoa. 



Hiking ut the Mesnaelva

Nice and popular hike along the Mesna river, where you will find beautiful puddles, dams and small waterfalls. The atmosphere is almost magical up the hill, with the forest around you and the sound of the waterfall nearby.

If you like swimming in nice surroundings, there are severeal small natural pools where you can take a refreshing bath. 

Along the Mesnaelva you will also find the Mesna Cultural Trial, where a numbers of signs have been set up that tell about the history along the river. 

We recommend starting the hike from Badedammen at Stampesletta. Here the path goes ut the hill past waterfalls and rapids, and you eventually cross the beautiful Collet´s bridge, named after the painter Fredrikk Collett. From here you can also see the houses on Svarga, the distinctive home of the nationally renowned seer and mystic Marcello Haugen. If you continue to the top of the hill, you can make your way to the canal.